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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Puerto Galera Going Private

Puerto Galera is that part of Oriental Mindoro wherein a lot of people visit – whether they are pinoys or foreigners to enjoy its natural beauty which includes beaches, falls, forest, coral reefs, to name a few. Others go to Puerto Galera for work and businesses, like foreigners who establish diving shops, bars, hotels, and resorts. Some settle in Puerto to work as GRO’s and entertainers and probably hoping to marry foreigners who stay there as well.

I was born and raised in Puerto and, my grandfather was its first mayor. During his time, there were only a few who visited the place. However nowadays, Puerto is very crowded that you will not anymore enjoy or explore the place that much because of too many people.

When I went back last week, my aunt informed me that its current mayor decided to make Puerto private. All residents of Puerto, including me, will get an ID for proof. All tourists – local or foreign will now be asked to pay a fee.

Personally, I think this project will provide a lot of benefits for the residents. The funds to be collected can then be used to further improve the place. The downside of it though is that, this time not all can afford to go to the place and hence it’s not open to the public anymore.

The big question here is, will collected fees and funds be properly and wisely used? We really hope it will.


Anino said...

Salamat sa pagdaan sa blog ko.Tama ka diyan, saan mapupunta ang perang makokolekta?Sana sa preserbasyon ng kalikasan.
Alagaan sana natin ang Puerto Galera.

ondes said...

i dont think mapaprivitized ang puerto!! it's nearl to impossible..
and bket ung galing batngas lang direct to puerto ang magkaka fee?... how about ung isang route going to puerto, which is via land thru calapan?... does tha mayor's office will do the same with the tourist coming from that route?..

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