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Monday, November 26, 2007


Pinoys love singing sossy or cowboy alike. And thanks to karaoke, we have a way to release our urge to sing.
Famous karaoke bars are Redbox,Music 21,Center Stage for the high tech facilities.But you need not spend that much to enjoy singing.You may do it with your love ones at the confines of your home, and I suggest you do.
You will find out a lot about your family. You will know them more,you’ll know their feelings from the songs that they sing at that moment. And sometimes, you will have a topic to talk based from a particular song. This definitely is a way to release stress, which is really true as advised by doctors and nurses.
I remember my uncles. Singing is their usual past time or bonding time. Specially when there is an occasion. Even if they’re singing old songs, I couldn’t help but sing with them. And I found out the song they like to sing.
I have another uncle, a German, and he too loves to sing. In fact he bought a portable karaoke (programs and songs are installed in a mike), and he brought it in Germany, He always brings that karaoke when he visits the Philippines.
One time I saw his son singing Filipino songs and it amazed me and the whole family.Man it brought the house down to party…

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Street Calamares

We have a lot of street foods.Fishballs,isaw,kwekwek and a lot more. And the newest of them all is Calamares.
I have already eaten a lot of this fried squid because I like the smell of it and the site..Yummy... very apetizing.I always buy when I see them.But have you wonder where these squids came from, and why are they soo cheap?

Well, I watched a show last weekend and I found out a lot of facts about this famous street food.
Contrary to the popular belief, the squid does not contain formaldehyde.However, it contains much more than that!

Mike enriquez's program,"Imbestigador" tackled Calamares. The program found the site where this squids are mass distributed. He said, the squid are imported from China and Spain. It's sold at 3-4 pesos per ring which is very cheap.

The prize of frozen squid is 60 pesos per kilo, very low compared to the prize of fresh squid which is 200 per kilo.

It's preserved with a certain "bacteria" that cannot be killed even if the squid is boiled or fried. It remains in the human

After watching this episode and knowing these facts, I am not attracted to the smell and site of Calamares alongthe streets anymore.

Let me ask you this...."How many rings of Calamares have you already eaten?".

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Horse

To those who love drinking, there’s a brand which is famous in the Philippines because of its unique taste and it being extra strong - Red Horse.
Many are avid consumers of this product. They need not buy lots of it to feel the effect. Hence they do not spend that much.
Do you know a secret about it? It’s the Happy Horse.
It’s Red Horse in which the logo is smiling. That’s why it’s called Happy Horse. There is one Happy Horse in every case. It’s not easy to find this in regular stores, and you are considered lucky if you do find one. Some say its C-O-O-H content is much higher that the usual. And I think they are right.
So to all drinkers out there, may you all find that Happy Horse.

Puerto Galera Going Private

Puerto Galera is that part of Oriental Mindoro wherein a lot of people visit – whether they are pinoys or foreigners to enjoy its natural beauty which includes beaches, falls, forest, coral reefs, to name a few. Others go to Puerto Galera for work and businesses, like foreigners who establish diving shops, bars, hotels, and resorts. Some settle in Puerto to work as GRO’s and entertainers and probably hoping to marry foreigners who stay there as well.

I was born and raised in Puerto and, my grandfather was its first mayor. During his time, there were only a few who visited the place. However nowadays, Puerto is very crowded that you will not anymore enjoy or explore the place that much because of too many people.

When I went back last week, my aunt informed me that its current mayor decided to make Puerto private. All residents of Puerto, including me, will get an ID for proof. All tourists – local or foreign will now be asked to pay a fee.

Personally, I think this project will provide a lot of benefits for the residents. The funds to be collected can then be used to further improve the place. The downside of it though is that, this time not all can afford to go to the place and hence it’s not open to the public anymore.

The big question here is, will collected fees and funds be properly and wisely used? We really hope it will.